At Olive Higher Academy the emphasis is on providing a first class education in a secure environment where the individual pupil's development is regularly monitored and assessed. Students will be taught according to the Darsi Nizami Curriculum which includes subjects such as Quranic Studies, Hadith, Arabic Literature, Arabic Syntax, Arabic Grammar, Islamic Theology, and Jurisprudence (Fiqh). This will be complemented by a number of research and critical thinking subjects to develop the thinking and application. (Courses provided by IRTIS– for more information please visit

The subjects covered provide a broad range of information that are delivered in   effective and creative ways to ensure that the students are challenged as well as enjoying their time learning at the Academy. It is hoped that through these subjects, a platform is provided for the students to engage in all sorts of activities that promote leadership skills and critical and creative thinking, which are some of the skills that we hope the students learn and adopt as they continue with their education.

The list of Kitabs will be made available soon- please come back at a later time.